Substance Abuse acknowledges the dismissive and destructive tendencies of our culture to things or people of substantial qualities.

Substance Abuse addresses ones addiction to substantial content.  The fiending of education, knowledge, justice,peace and equality.  Also, a lack thereof as it pertains to the hidden agendas of our societies “$ecrets”.

The hidden often altered and misused information is believed to be a main contributor to a uninformed misguided youth. A new generation in search of their own substance. Pure is cut and truth is distorted. Radio serves the product. Mass media is a means to mass consumption.

Whether or not consumed voluntary, leading to Substance Abuse.

Substance Abuse is the misuse or over indulgence of whatever your vice may be.  Mine is Hip Hop.  I’m JPeace and I’m an addict.



“I’m DOPE my drug music
       I’m hooked on that sub-woofer
      As long as its substance to it
      Dope abuser, drug user, DOPE”